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Wee S Ng is a self taught oil painter currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. Born in 1976 to immigrant Chinese parents in Canada and raised in Birmingham, AL and Cleveland, OH, Wee S Ng often struggled with his heritage, usually being the only Chinese American and having the most unusual name in any given room. Ng found his love of drawing and imagery at an early age, but abandoned art to pursue engineering at the behest of his parents. Although he found a creative outlet in photography in conjunction with his engineering pursuits, it was not until he was laid off from his corporate job of twenty years that he dedicated himself to the pursuit of oil painting. Ng’s focus on emotional connection stems from his early personal struggles with vulnerability and his revelation of the importance of emotional authenticity.


Wee S Ng is currently within his first year of showing his art. He has exhibited his work at group shows in his hometown of Nashville, TN. Growing his audience in juried shows like Artville and Artclectic, Ng strives to make meaningful connections in the coming years. He has work displayed at The Arc of TN, an organization to help individuals with disabilities. His work is in a number of private collections in the greater Nashville area, Baltimore, Sacramento, and Pasadena.

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